Thursday, 8 December 2011

PhD Activity Week 1!

1. It was a cold and windy day. But our PhD members are gearing up for an activity! 

2. (from left to right: Neal Dora, John Nunez, Joseph Cho, Harold Shin, John Rhee)
Joseph Cho: "Not cold at all!"

4. (from left to right: Kent Komine, Aidan Curran) Kent is one of our most dedicated members!

5.(from left to right: Gene Lee and the unknown) Ladies are watching the other members run
 after running quite a bit themselves!

6. Members returning back from the activity

7. (from left to right: Chris Cho, Kevin Strother, Jeff Han, Christian Reotutar, Joseph Cho, Kent Komine) Members are waiting for the activity to start!

8. Having fun!

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