About PhD

PhD is a club where students come together to promote a healthier lifestyle by supporting others and each other to exercise more often, making healthier decisions when eating, and spreading awareness of diseases. PhD stands for: Physical Health and Development. Altogether, PhD is a way for students to adjust to healthier lives and help researchers towards curing diseases.

The main parts of PhD are described by being physically active and healthy. For the community service section of our club, we are trying to raise and collect donations to donate to a different research foundation each year that is trying to find cures to diseases. This year’s donations will be given to the Progeria Foundation
    Please consider this question. Do you know what Progeria is? Not many people know what Progeria is or what it does. In addition, not even Microsoft Word can recognize the word Progeria, one of the tools used by many who think this program understands and recognizes every word. Progeria is a rare genetic condition that produces rapid aging in children. As a result,  few people with Progeria exceed thirteen years of age. So far, no treatments have been proven effective of reducing the aging speed, but the treatments focus on reducing complications such as cardiovascular disease which comes with Progeria. There is no known cure to Progeria, but extensive research is taking place as of now. Throughout the world, there are approximately 45 known cases of Progeria. Viewing this statistic from another point of view, this means that one child out of four million are diagnosed with Progeria. PhD wants to make that number drop down to zero even if it is a significantly small number. No child should be stripped away of their life so early on because of Progeria. 

PhD was developed partially to help the younger generations of America to choose healthier and exercise more often. Some of the events that we will conduct at elementary schools will include teaching the children where fast food comes from and how it is made. Granted with these events, we will also show kids what processed and junk foods can do to their bodies. Not only will this inform the children about the potential risks of  unhealthy choices, many teachers and others can be benefitted as well.

There are many people who are unaware of the truth behind the counter of fast food restaurants, where their food actually comes from, and of rare disorders or diseases. We want to spread the word and let our efforts reach out to not just Northern Virginia, but other states as well. We want to change the nation and create better quality life for people through exercise and good health.

Our goal is to inform as many people as possible and create healthier lives for everybody. We are a club who has great intentions and worldwide goals. The students in PhD all want to change the world with their efforts. So we would be very grateful if you were to help us with our goals through this fundraiser.