Saturday, 10 December 2011

Benefits of Spinach on the Human Body by Ray Karns

Benefits of Spinach on the Human Body
by Ray Karns
“CHACHACHACHA ME LIKES WHAT ME LIKES”. Popeye had the right idea. Although the show never really would show kids the benefits of eating spinach it’s basic idea is one of genius. Put a face on one of the greatest foods imaginable. Despite being one of the most nutrient filled foods in the world I would say the coolest thing about spinach is it’s ability to help your gain strength thanks to its intense amount of Vitamin C. 
But still there are many other benefits to spinach most are really helpful. For one the ability to fight off diseases. For example the common cold can be avoided by just having a serving of spinach in your diet. This happens because the heart is strengthened by the famous Popeye cuisine. But from strengthening of the heart comes other amazing effects like fighting off heart attacks. 
Spinach is a building block. The human body needs nutrients from our diet to form the things the human body needs. Most notably is calories which is basically the gas of the human body. But lutien which is a powerful ingredient that the body needs comes from spinach. Lutien is needed because if protects us from harmfull rays from the sun, so you will need lutien in everyday life when you step out of your house. Especially for tans.
The last reason it’s good for you is the taste factor. I like mine especially cooked but of course that’s my opinion. Spinach is just a great part of a meal that you can insert with almost everything to make going outside or gaining muscles a step easier. But it doesn’t come without taste, which is fantastic. You don’t get many other foods like this that are as delicious with providing the same benifits

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