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Benefits of Tea on the Human Body by Peggy Ho

Benefits of Tea on the Human Body
By Peggy Ho

Oh, Heavenly Teas!

After a long, grueling morning at work dealing with frustrated, wealthy people, during which my boss had been relaxing in his office 'talking' to my female co-worker, I decided to quickly find my way to the office lounge. Oh, how I longed for the scent and taste of tea, melting in my mouth, the aroma permeating the air, seeping between the cracks in the closed doors." I better be swift," I thought to myself, "Don't want my co-workers knowing about my secret stash of Gunpowder and Rose tea."

"WAIT!" I realized, "What if... I told everyone about this wonderful tea. Perhaps people will be calmer. Perhaps there won't be as many diseases and health problems. Perhaps we can live in a balanced world of yin and yang again, and maybe we'll achieve world peace! Well, I guess that's a bit too far, but I think I'll just open the door a little bit. I'm sure everyone will smell the fragrant tea and come rushing over, even my boss who doesn't do much probably will."

While sipping my tea, leaning against the granite counter-top, a group of people from my section of the office arrived. They appeared desperate, dark bags under all of their eyes, each one holding a mug of coffee in their hands with another one juggling a bottle of 5-hour energy in his hands.

"Woah, guys, are you all all right?" I surprisingly cried, hoping they'd be direct with what they wanted. One of my friends, Jackie, stumbled forward, groaning, "Well, Peggy... we're tired of drinking coffee and energy drinks everyday. Day after day, week after week, and after all of these months, I just can't stand it anymore! Please, I beg of you... WE beg of you, what is your secret? Do you have some sort of different flavored coffee? Please, tell us!"

"Yes, please!" pleaded my boss, who had just stumbled through the hall and landed on his knees, his cloudy grey eyes urging me to tell everyone.

To be continued...

Actually, you all, my dearest readers, may find out first. Tea is the answer! Did you know many teas are caffeinated, especially black teas? Tea is a perfect substitute for many drinks, such as soda, coffee, energy drinks, flavored water (Snapple, SoBe, Glaceau Vitamin Water), and many more atrocities! Why kill your body with these vicious poisons. They're messing with your brain, possibly even designed to brainwash you into wanting more and more after each deadly intake (Monosodium Glutamate does that, but that's another toxic that we'll talk about another time).

Anyway, tea has so many health benefits that it's so crazy how few people are drinking tea and living the life. Contrary to how many teas are caffeinated, Chamomile, a relaxing, herbal tea, is one of the best relaxants for after a long day of work. Perhaps you've been working at the construction site since 4:00 AM, and you just got home (3:00 PM) to your two boys who just got back from an exciting day at school. Still want to play with them? Drink some black tea! Want to relax with them? Share the Chamomile love.

Maybe you're feeling sad? Tea will help. Green Tea is good for fighting against depression, and if you're up for a happy-rush, why not try White Tea? White Tea actually increases serotonin, dopamine, and GABA levels (A.K.A. neurotransmitters that make you happy/relaxed). Not only does tea help your brain, but it also helps prevent cancer! CANCER! Can you believe it? With its abundance of antioxidants, your immune system will also become stronger (Psst, it also helps with heart disease).

If you don't like tea itself, a squeeze of lemon OR some milk mixed into tea can create a new, different experience for you. Remember, though, it's better to drink loose tea if you want to maximize the benefits.

(P.S. There is such thing as detox tea to help shed a few pounds)(P.S.S. Want more information on tea? Want to know my source of tea [No, it's not Teavana. That's WAY too overpriced]? Want to hear personal experiences with tea? Contact me!)

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